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Different Ways to Revamp Your Old Clothes

Different Ways to Revamp Your Old Clothes

Revamping your old clothes with a new design may be the best way to give it new life and help the sustainable fashion movement. As consumers, this is one of our leading options to make sure our clothes have a longer life and thus help the war against fast fashion.

Learn to repair

You most likely have items of clothing that you have which are your favourite, and you want to keep. However, they may need some or a lot of repairs. One of the best methods and ways to learn how to repair them is to watch YouTube tutorials. There are many tutorials on YouTube that will help you find quick ways to fix up your old clothes.

Otherwise, if it is something more expensive, look around for tailors and sewists that can give you advice or do the job for you.


Embroidery is a great way to add dimension and texture to your clothing. It does take time and patience, but it is worth it at the end. The best way to look for designs is by checking out Pinterest, which at times even has step by step guides alongside the pictures you may want to emulate.

Fabric paint

If you love to play with fabric paint, then this is a great way to revamp your tops and bottoms. It may be worth practising on a similar material or paper before creating your masterpiece on the actual item of clothing, as this is a little harder to correct if you make a mistake.

Change the design

This method mainly works for jeans or any long pieces of clothing you own. If you have worn-out jeans, you can change them into shorts or a skirt. If you have a long jumper, you could turn it into a cropped jumper. For this revamp you would need a sewing machine. But again, if you require help, look up tutorials online.


This method requires minimum effort but be prepared for the outcome as it may not be what you expect. It could just be that maybe you need to change up the colour to give it some life. It is best to research around which dye is safe for you to use and which is safe for the environment. Once you have researched, you can play around with colours, dye it one colour or tie-dye it for an impressive effect.

shirt painted in tie dye style is dried on a rope.

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