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The Company

Two The Same is an environment-conscious online brand from Cambridge, UK. We carry designs that are fit for all to wear.  We use unusual, fun and creative ideas taking influences from hand-drawn art and everyday life transforming it into something you can wear every day. Being environmentally conscious, a majority of our products are sourced and printed in the UK, making sure that our products and packaging are sustainable.

Our Mission

We are aware of how fashion impacts the environment at every phase of its making and cycle. We make it our mission to make our brand as sustainable as possible creating pieces that can be used year in and out. Our products are made from 100% organic cotton and natural and recyclable resources. Our printed products use inks that are water-based which are environmentally friendly this means that they are biodegradable, and if dealt with in the correct way, will release less harmful toxins into the environment. We use recyclable packaging to pack your orders in, these can be disposed of into your blue bins or recycling area.

Our Vision

Our vision for our brand is to see everything we make fall into the recycling pattern, to be made once again back into products. Another vision of ours is to give back to the community. How we will achieve this is for our customers to play a part in recycling. As our part in not adding to the existing waste, we take back our material products that you can’t recycle into the recycling areas that you have bought from us, in all conditions both used and no longer want. Depending on how worn out it is we will convert the prints on our products into new products that can be donated to a charity for someone to use. The fabric scraps left and any unusable products will then be recycled in our First Mile recycle box which they repurpose the materials into other products. In return when we receive the products you sent back to us you will receive a 10% off online discount voucher to use on our website. As another way for us to give back to the community for every purchase of our framed posters, we will donate £1 to the Woodland Trust to conserve and protect areas, restore and plant trees.

The Founding Partners

One of the founding partners of Two The Same is Ayana Marie Torio. She is behind the creation of the designs you see on our products. She is based in Cambridge, UK, having a background in fashion. She is an alumni for Long Road Sixth Form College and the University of Hertfordshire.

Ayana Torio

Another of the founding partners of Two The Same is Modestas Mankus. He is behind the business, making sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. He is based in Cambridge, UK.

Modestas Mankus

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